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LGDR Partners
“In our display, we help to articulate an artist's work. We give a forum and a voice to disparate visions and perspectives. I am not interested in a silent gallery. My job is to amplify artistic voices, enabling a character to the surface, and allow for dialogue, critical thinking, and theater. I am dedicated to showcasing alternative voices who move me.”

Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn is a curator, art advisor, gallerist, and activist who believes art is a catalyst for social change. With a career rooted in practicality, art history, and passion, Greenberg Rohatyn has garnered international acclaim for her keen eye and instinctual ability to identify and celebrate the rare artistic talents that push culture to new and interesting places. Prior to founding LGDR, Greenberg Rohatyn established Salon 94, the now iconic project space and gallery. She has championed a diverse range of artists from Huma Bhabha, Niki de Saint Phalle, Ibrahim El Salahi, Katy Grannan, Magdalene Odundo, Richard Prince, and more. In 2017, she founded Salon 94 Design, breaking hierarchies between design and high art showing radical designers Gaetano Pesce, Max Lamb, Jae Say Jung Oh and more. More recently, Greenberg Rohatyn has renovated a historic building at 3 East 89th Street that will serve as headquarters for LGDR, a collaborative platform for new dialogues between artists, writers, and collectors. In addition, she has advised major international figures on refining their private collections, and sits on the boards of White Columns and Performa, a non-profit organization dedicated to performance art.

Image: Bathroom and tiles designed by Max Lamb, tiles produced by Tajimi Custom Tiles, 2021. Courtesy of the artists and Salon 94 Design, New York.
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