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"I want to witness what happens when a collective, devoted to knowledge, research, and integrity, moves towards joy. What new voices and languages are formed when friendship is the foundation? How can we give people permission to challenge old ways of thinking and seeing?"

Dominique Lévy is a renowned gallerist, collector, and advisor who believes in the potential of art to nurture meaningful change. From her start in Europe at Sotheby’s, Daniel Malingue, and Anthony d’Offay to the launch of the Private Sales department at Christie’s New York to the formation of her eponymous gallery in 2013 and most recently the co-founding of Lévy Gorvy, Lévy’s extensive career in the international art market and singular perspective on European and American art has helped shape the art world we see today. Lévy’s powerful curatorial program, including Calder / Kelly, Ileana Sonnabend and Arte Povera (curated by Germano Celant), and Warhol Women, has garnered critical acclaim. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of exhibitions to engender surprise and joy and sees art as a path towards empathy. Her passion for the arts transcends the visual, with an abiding interest in experimental media, publications, and particularly poetry — as evident in the poetry programs in her galleries and her involvement with the poetry program at Dia. Lévy is a proud patron of numerous philanthropic efforts and institutions, including the Israel Museum, the Representation Project, and the circus, supporting each with the same enthusiasm and dedication she has for her career.

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