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LGDR Partners
Image of LGDR partners (Dominique Levy, Brett Gorvy, Amalia Dayan, and Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn)

Our commitment is to artists and artist estates.

Part exhibition makers, family office, and art market force, LGDR is an experiment in creative collaboration — with artists, with collectors, with peers in the field, and among ourselves. Brought together, our disparate disciplines and voices complement and contradict. Taking our cues from great art, we welcome harmony and tension, celebration and provocation, rigor and pleasure, all in the spirit of making something new.

Dominique Lévy
"I want to witness what happens when a collective, devoted to knowledge, research, and integrity, moves towards joy. What new voices and languages are formed when friendship is the foundation? How can we give people permission to challenge old ways of thinking and seeing?"
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Amalia Dayan
“For me, the most magical aspect of LGDR is the nearly infinite number of ways the four partners' different expertise, insights, and perspectives can complement and combine. We all bring such different things to this new company, and I think the alchemy of our collaboration is palpable. It's what makes our work exciting.”
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Brett Gorvy
"The partners complement each other, sharing our passion for art and artists through a unique lens of understanding. We ask: what’s missing? What’s needed? How can our particular areas of expertise work in concert to push a body of work into the place it wants to go? It’s not just about selling art. It’s about collaborating to move culture.”
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Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
“In our display, we help to articulate an artist's work. We give a forum and a voice to disparate visions and perspectives. I am not interested in a silent gallery. My job is to amplify artistic voices, enabling a character to the surface, and allow for dialogue, critical thinking, and theater. I am dedicated to showcasing alternative voices who move me.”
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