Portrait of artist Jenna Gribbon
Photo: Annie Klebanoff

We are delighted to announce that LGDR is now working with Brooklyn-based artist Jenna Gribbon, in collaboration with MASSIMODECARLO.

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1978, Gribbon has attracted international attention for lushly rendered figurative works that entwine vignettes of everyday life with powerful challenges to art historical conventions. The gendering of the gaze is one of her central themes:  Gribbon’s work is animated by the complex dynamics of looking and being looked at—as well as problematizing the tradition of the muse—queering and upending the (male) gaze in the history of painting.  Gribbon’s gaze is reconceived as a reciprocal act of looking, marked by empathy, complexity and mutual gratification.

One of Gribbon’s primary subjects is her partner, the musician Mackenzie Scott, as well as her young son. At times diaristic, other times more deliberately theatrical or constructed, Gribbon’s imagery teases the divide between public and private, performative and intimate.  In some paintings she asserts the viewpoint of her subject with a near claustrophobic closeness, placing her own body into the space of the picture with a sly wink at art historical convention.  While her muse is often depicted naked, Gribbon is careful to incorporate a  sensation of voyeuristic discomfort into these depictions along with visual pleasure, again defusing the traditional objectification of the female nude in art history.

Gribbon’s masterful alla prima technique infuses her narrative scenes with sensual immediacy while beguiling the viewer with her virtuoso handling of paint.  A precise colorist, she deploys her palette skillfully to amplify the optical and emotional impact of her portraits.

Gribbon studied painting at the University of Georgia (2001)  and received her MFA from Hunter College in 2019.