Portrait of architect and designer Hani Rashid

Architect and designer Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture, New York, has been commissioned to design and realize LGDR’s Art Basel booth in Basel as an artwork in itself. With the fair slated to open to the public on June 16, Rashid has worked closely with the partners to bring their vision for the fair to life. His design here evokes the dimensional effects of virtual reality, playing with and delicately balancing unexpected sight lines with art fair conventions.

Using a subtle palette of grays drawn from Art Basel’s trim color spec sheet, Rashid has coaxed an elegant, inventive visual display approach out of a purely functional template. Subtle shifts in tone gives the artworks themselves a rare degree of buoyancy in context. Pulling cues from past and present—the grays of Fritz Glarner, Anni Albers’ writings, Bauhaus’ and De Stijl color theory, Fontana’s cut corners, and the lo-def aesthetics of Web 3.0—Rashid’s booth offers a tonal oasis amid the happy din of the fair. Inspired deeply by John Cage’s 4’33, a study in silence, Rashid has imagined the booth “as a kind time-out at the art fair, a space that straddles the digital and physical realms, a small but serious protest against excesses and noise.”