Image of Dominique Lévy.
Dominique Lévy. Photo: © Christopher Sturman

“The art gallery industry is in flux and no one better encapsulates its unpredictability than Dominique Lévy, a 54-year-old, Swiss-born, New York-based dealer. In August, it was revealed that her business, Lévy Gorvy, already a collaboration between Lévy and the art market expert Brett Gorvy, was to join forces with two more seasoned dealers: Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Amalia Dayan. Together, they plan to be a one-stop-shop in a fluid, post-pandemic art world, offering gallery exhibitions, collection management and in-depth research, based on the changing needs of their artists and buyers. Lévy is conscious that there is no prescribed formula yet for the merged entity, which launches in January 2022 as LGDR, but she describes their outlook as having “an open hand not a closed fist.”

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