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Un art autre. Installation view, Lévy Gorvy, London, 2019.
"Un art autre". Installation view, Lévy Gorvy, London, 2019. Photo: Stephen White

Un art autre

Lévy Gorvy London
April 26 – July 5 2019

Un art autre centres on the innovative reassessments of abstraction that emerged in postwar Paris. Un art autre, a term meaning ‘Art of another kind’ was coined by legendary art critic and curator Michel Tapié in 1952. The artists involved provided a distinctively European parallel to the American Abstract Expressionist movement.

This exhibition will offer an insight into the allure of Paris in the 1950s and ’60s: a hub of cross-cultural exchange, intellectual activity, and artistic re-invention. It will feature works by artists Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell, Jean Paul Riopelle, Pierre Soulages, and Zao Wou-Ki.

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