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Installation view, Tu Hongtao, Lévy Gorvy Hong Kong, 2020. Photo: Kitmin Lee
Installation view, "Tu Hongtao", Lévy Gorvy Hong Kong, 2020. Photo: Kitmin Lee

Tu Hongtao

Lévy Gorvy Hong Kong
March 25 – June 23 2020

Presenting key paintings from the past decade and a half, Tu Hongtao is the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will survey the development of Tu’s practice from his sardonic early cityscapes to his recent synthesis of Chinese and Western painting traditions.

Spanning the entirety of Lévy Gorvy’s Hong Kong gallery on the ground floor of St. George’s Building in Central, the exhibition includes select paintings loaned by museums as well as by important private collections from mainland China and Hong Kong. From his earlier urban landscapes that vent contemporary feelings of desire, tension, and confrontation, to the expressive abstractions he is painting today, Tu’s intricate works offer reinterpretations of the abstract landscape of time and space. He has described the relationship between the act of painting and himself as “finding philosophical insights from traditional poetry.

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