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Installation view of Sotto Voce
Installation view, "Sotto Voce," Lévy Gorvy London, 2015.

Lucio Fontana   Enrico Castellani  Günther Uecker  Piero Manzoni

Sotto Voce

Lévy Gorvy London
February 9 – April 18 2015

Dominique Lévy Gallery is pleased to present Sotto Voce, the second show at its London space. This exhibition will connect artists from around the world, united by a common medium: the abstract white relief. From the earliest unfoldings of figuration by Henri Laurens produced in Paris to the harmonious constructions of the Brazilian Sergio Camargo, Sotto Voce will map the progression of the abstract white relief geographically and through time, with a focus on the 1930s to 1970s.

Alongside Laurens and Camargo, the exhibition will feature works by Jean Arp, Ben Nicholson, Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni, Enrico Castellani, Fausto Melotti, Günther Uecker, Luis Tomasello, and Mira Schendel, amongst others. While the white palette may give the works a soft voice, their messages are loud and clear, whether they may be a cry of hope, an attempt at nothingness, an expression of aesthetic idealism, or a surge towards transcendence. Sotto Voce will demonstrate how this subtle yet forceful dialogue was carried out internationally through the language of the white relief by artists at the forefront of their respective movements, ranging from Surrealism to the Zero Group, Spatialism to Minimalism, and Conceptual Art to Constructivism.

Sotto Voce will be accompanied by a catalogue featuring an essay by Dr. James Fox of Cambridge University, who specializes in the cultural history of color. Among numerous media appearances, in 2013 he presented the acclaimed BBC series ‘A History of Art in Three Colours,’ which dedicated an episode to white.

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