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LGDR Partners
Detail image of Emmanuel Taku's artwork Tip of My Hat


Hong Kong
May 19 – June 30 2022

LGDR is pleased to present Embodiment, a selection of works from leading contemporary artists. On view at the gallery’s space in Hong Kong, the works featured will rotate over the course of the exhibition. Embodiment explores identity politics, desire, and reflection in the contemporary world through portraits and figurative works across media, genres, and cultures.

The first chapter of Embodiment will be showcasing 10 never-before-seen ‘demi-god’ paintings by Ghanaian artist Emmanuel Taku, who powerfully forges new modes of depicting Black portraiture. By reconfiguring painting, collage, and screenprint, Taku creates heroes of his own and portrays figures posing strikingly in pairs wearing bold, vibrant motifs. The artist creates supernatural qualities in the figures to reclaim dominant narratives about Black bodies. The figures portrayed are leaning towards each other, creating a sense of consolidation, synergy, and unity. As Taku notes, “If one person stands, he is defeated easily. But if they are two or more, they are able to defeat whatever is attacking them.”

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