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Detail image of Tu Hongtao's artwork Walk into Mount Jiufeng

Taipei Dangdai

May 20 – 22 2022

LGDR is pleased to announce its participation in the 2022 edition of Taipei Dangdai Art & Ideas (Booth C04). Bringing together works by iconic modern and contemporary artists from LGDR’s global roster, the gallery’ stand will offer visitors an aesthetic journey and celebrate the fair’s return to Taiwan.

On view will be a recent work from the Lichtbogen (Arc of Light) series by German master Günther Uecker, on the heels of his solo exhibition at LGDR Palm Beach in April. Created during the pandemic and constituting a dramatic development in the celebrated painter’s seven-decade career, Lichtbogen (2020) is monumental in scale and luminous in effect, embodying fluidity, light, and gesture.

Another highlight of the stand is Tu Hongtao’s Walk into Mount Jiufeng (2019–20). Here the noted Chinese artist references his encounters with nature and in particular Mount Jiufeng, near his home in Chengdu. Tu forms his unique visual language by isolating textures and contours, employing photographic references and extensive preparatory sketches. Distilled through memory and sensation, the painting’s lyrical abstraction alludes to the landscape and expresses the artist’s highly personal impression of the place.

American artist Pat Steir first debuted in Taiwan at the 2020 edition of the fair with a solo booth dedicated to her Taipei series – a prelude to her major survey in 2021 at the Long Museum in Shanghai. In LGDR’s stand at the 2022 fair, Steir’s majestic Waterfall painting showcases her engagement with abstraction, color theory, and the properties of her chosen medium, which the artist unleashes and guides to singularly poetic effect. Steir’s work appears in dialogue with Marina Adams’ recent painting The Strange Bird (2017), which explores saturated color, space, and pattern. Using interlocking organic forms and bold hues, Adams’ painting is a meditation on the exquisite balance that must exist between organization and improvisation in art and in life.

Another highlight of the LGDR stand is Through the Flower 2 (1973/2021), a landmark work by feminist artist Judy Chicago. Here, Chicago applies a flower-like graphic expression to celebrate the layered and multi-dimensional nature of female identity. ‘Through the Flower’ also serves as the title of the artist’s 1975 autobiography and the name of the non-profit organization she founded in 1978 dedicating to feminist art education.

Additional masterworks of the LGDR stand include Hong Kong-based artist Michael Lau’s Flower series; a new ‘demi-god’ painting by Ghanaian artist Emmanuel Taku; a canvas by Joel Mesler that references childhood memories; a recent work from Francesco Clemente’s Winter Flowers series; a painting by Ni Youyu paying homage to Vincent van Gogh; and exceptional works from Jutta Koether, Takuro Kuwata, Eddie Martinez, Elizabeth Neel, Mickalene Thomas, and Betty Woodman.

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