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Detail image of Marilyn Minter artwork

Art Basel Hong Kong

Hong Kong
May 27 – 29 2022

LGDR is pleased to participate in Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 (Booth 1C14) with a curated presentation of artists whose pioneering practices have introduced new perspectives and established their work at the forefront of postwar and contemporary art internationally.

The gallery’s presentation includes George Condo’s Gigantaur (2015), wherein the artist’s appropriation of Cubist, Surrealist, and Expressionist motifs can be seen in a grotesque character. Condo imbues his subjects with an unsettling familiarity, laying bare the precarious nature of memory and identity. Possessing characteristics ascribed to caricature, cartoons, and graffiti, the goliath figure in Gigantaur keeps with Condo’s reference to imaginary subjects; the title of the present work may serve as reference to the satirical sixteenth-century French novel by François Rabelais Gargantua and Pantagruel, which tells the story of the giant Gargantua and his son.

Following Pat Steir’s major 2021 survey at the Long Museum in Shanghai, LGDR’s booth at the fair will also present the artist’s Waterfall and Split series. Embracing indeterminacy and chance, Steir pours, splashes, and brushes thinned paint onto her upright canvases, allowing gravity, time, and the fluidity of her medium to determine the final picture. With this approach, the artist has over the course of six decades mastered dialectics of intuition and chance in a celebrated oeuvre.

Works by Marilyn Minter and Zhang Zipiao will also be on view at LGDR’s booth. Glisterine (2011), rendered via Minter’s trademark technique of layering and modelling enamel on metal, depicts a pair of high heels splashing in silver paint. This large-scale work playfully teases viewers as it shifts from a representative image of toes behind glass to an abstract image, depending on the viewer’s perspective. In Zhang Zipiao’s Battlefield 09 (2021), hues and contours of flesh whirl in pinks and reds, exploring tropes of female representation and the image of woman as object of desire.

The gallery’s booth will also include I promise to love you (2007/08) by Tracey Emin, an exemplary work of the intersection of biography and poetry that runs through her practice; Tu Hongtao’s Chit-Chatting by the Stream (2019–21), which expresses the artist’s highly personal impression of his encounters with nature through lyrical abstraction; a canvas by Joel Mesler that references childhood memories; and exceptional works from Cecily Brown, Yayoi Kusama, Marina Adams, Lynne Drexler, Michael Lau, and Amani Lewis, among others.

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