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Installation image of ALEX DA CORTE exhibition DIE HEXE
Swiffer Sculpture

Act 3, Scene 2  2015

Act 3, Scene 2 (cadaver drawer)
Mirrored wall with cadaver drawers, Robert Gober drain remake, mouthwash, and floor treatment
112 x 126 in. (mirror wall dimensions)
28 in. drawer depth (with an additional 50 ½ in. behind the wall)

Act 3, Scene 2 (Swiffer sculpture)
Swiffer handles and wig
100 in. (pole height) with 10 in. long base

Act 3, Scene 2 (end table)
Table, pears, candles, masks, taxidermied bird and glass objects
61 ½ x 67 ¼ x 14 in.
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