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Installation image of ALEX DA CORTE exhibition DIE HEXE

Act 2, Scene 2  2015

Act 2, Scene 2 (neon)
Wallpaper reproduction of “Midas and Bacchus” by Nicolas Poussin, neon
68 x 164 in. (neon dimensions)
128 x 130 ½ in. (wallpaper dimensions)
128 x 244 in. (overall dimensions)
Edition of 3 + 1AP

Act 2, Scene 2 (pole)
Metal pole, cellphone, tinsel, and carpet spotlight
2 in. diameter pole, adjustable between floor and ceiling with carpet spotlight 61 in. diameter

Act 2, Scene 2 (cigarette)
Fabric-covered circle with tinsel and electric cigarette
71 in. diameter

Act 2, Scene 2 (table)
Bjarne Melgaard table remake, vessels, and carpet spotlight
Table with vessels maximum height 53 in. with carpet spotlight 71 in. diameter
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