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Installation image of Amani Lewis' artworks

Amani Lewis

Born 1994
“A goal of mine is to make room to receive and to give more love. Sometimes to do that, you have to release trauma or pain. Looking inward, acknowledging that which is inside of you, and letting it go is an important practice, and a practice I had to exercise while making this body of work.”
— Amani Lewis

The vivid mixed-media paintings of Amani Lewis center on the artist’s community in Miami and Baltimore. Depicting friends, family, lovers, and local workers, Lewis reflects on power dynamics, the expression of spirituality, migration, and the relationship between urban life and nature. “I want to preserve, showcase, and archive my people,” the artist explains. Lewis utilizes both digital and analog methods as they refashion found or taken photos, duplicating, blurring, and fracturing passages to create rhythmic patterns. These images are then screen-printed onto canvas, where Lewis further reworks the surface with paint, pastel, and glitter. In kaleidoscopic palettes, the resulting portraits suggest complex narratives and signal the reverence the artist has for their subjects. Lewis portrays manifestations of spiritual phenomena in their work, or what they sometimes call “glitches:”, breaks with the physical world.

Lewis was born in 1994 and lives and works between Baltimore and Miami. The artist received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (2016). Their work has been the subject of the solo exhibitions Nothing Remains the Same at Salon 94 (2021) and Amani Lewis: Subjective Nature at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center, Pittsburgh (2019). In 2020, Lewis was a resident at Fountainhead in Miami.

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